It's the only Miso made in Nelson New Zealand

Chickpea Miso 450gm


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Miso is one of Japan’s traditional fermented foods. We give a bit of twist for traditional Miso that use organic chickpea instead of soybeans. Our chickpea Miso is hand-crafted in sunny Nelson and uses quality ingredients.

It is our chickpea Miso paste. It is sweeter than our normal Miso and smooth texture. It is a great substitute for Miso which is soy free.

Chickpea Miso is more suitable to add savory flavor for Kiwi style dishes like casseroles, gravy sauces, or chowders.

MSG free, GMO free, Gluten free.

Ingredients Chickpea (60%), Rice (27%), Sea Salt (12.6%), Koji (Aspergillus Oryzae)

Weight 465 g


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