Inspired me!!


I met a great family who lives in Motueka valley. They are self-sufficient in food. They grow pretty much everything. And he made a huge wooden water wheel for power and a stone mill. He also made a solar oven.

Actually on the wet day, friend of mine took me to this lovely place for picking bamboo shoots. It is not so many places that we can get fresh bamboo shoots in NZ. And kiwis don’t know how to prepare them for eating. So we dug some fresh shoots and show them how to prepare and cook.

We made bamboo shoot salad with Misomite, clear broth soup with bamboo shoot and Wakame sea weed, pan fried bamboo shoot with a hint of Urban Hippie Tamari. It was great bamboo festa!!

In the near future, we want move to country side and live like them, and grow own soy beans for our Miso products would be our dream.

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