Hi there,

Let me explain about ourselves . My name is Takehito MAEDA and my wife is Mie. We are from Japan and have been living in Nelson since 2007.

I have been a traditional Japanese chef for 15 years in Japan and New Zealand. While I am busy working as chef, I also grew interested in fermentation. I started with home brew. When the beer was fermenting in a barrel, I could hear the noise of bubbling organisms working really hard,  eating the sugar to turn it into alcohol for me. That was so exciting!! Then I tried a sour dough bread (which I still do). I have kept my sour dough starter for more that five years now.

Somehow, I found a couple(Rachel & Gareth) who grow soy beans locally. A wonderful idea flashed into my mind; Miso!!  In the old days in Japan, every family made their own miso paste at home. I thought, “I can do this”.

We make Urban Hippie products traditionally, using my 15 years of chef knowledge, skill, effort, and love.

Please come to see us at Nelson Saturday Market.



The Nelson  Market

Every Saturday  8am to 1pm

Montgomery Square in the heart of Nelson City