What is Miso?

Miso is one of Japan’s traditional fermented soy bean pastes. You may have tried miso soup as it can be found at Japanese restaurants or sushi take away shops in New Zealand. Traditionally the Japanese begin their day with a bowl of homemade miso soup.

Miso soup is a very unique cloudy broth which is normally served with Tofu, sea weed, and spring onion. But you don’t need to stick with these ingredients, you can put anything you want in it. For example potato, onion, cabbage, mushroom, radish, mizuna, spinach, kumara, egg, fish, pork…. never ending.

Urban Hippie Miso paste is hand made in New Zealand with local and imported quality ingredients: GMO free soy beans, GMO free rice, organic sea salt, and Koji( a type of culture for making Sake).

Our miso is then fermented for more than 6 months and unpasteurized. The mass-produced miso pastes you see at supermarkets or Asian shops are not fermented for long, and are also pasteurized, so do not contain any beneficial micro organisms.