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Non organic Rice Koji 800g (Please note; Delivery may take up to 10days)


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Rice Koji is inoculated white rice with Koji culture. It is kept in an incubator for 48hours that Koji culture has fully grown in/on steamed rice. Koji culture changes starch of rice to natural sugar.

What you can make with Rice Koji is countless…. You can make your own Miso, Sake(Rice wine), Soy Sauce, Amazake, Shio-Koji(Umami Salt), Mirin, etc. Pretty much all Japanese condiments are made from Rice Koji!!

Our Rice Koji is semi dry. It will handle room temperature for few days for shipping. Please refrigerated once you received. Use within 4weeks otherwise freeze it.

Please note that delivery may take up to 10days because we make it fresh!!

MSG free, GMO free.

Weight 1030 g


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