Golden couple!!


What ingredients do you use for making Miso soup?? It seems like that most kiwis are using Tofu, Wakame seaweed, and spring onion. It it nothing wrong. It is most common ingredients for Miso soup. BUUUUUT, that is not all!!

There are so many things that you can put in Miso soup. Miso soup’s golden couples are;

Patato & Onion, Mushroom & Leek, Kumara & Onion, Mungbean & Tofu, Cockle & Spring onion, Daikon Radish & Wakame seaweed, Spinach & Egg, Egg plant & Mizuna, Turnips & Turnip’s leaf, Cabbage & Potato, etc….

My favorite is Potato & Onion. Sweetness from potato & onion makes Miso soup much more flavorful.

Basically there are no rules. You could use pretty much anything that you want to eat with Miso soup. Also you could put more than two ingredients.

And some unusual couples are;

Bacon & Tomato, Crayfish Head & spring onion, Natto & Egg….

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  1. MATSUKO DELAX says:


    • Takehito MAEDA says:

      Matsuko Delaxさん
      アサリ,シジミの味噌汁美味しいですよね〜〜 そう言えばまだコックルの味噌汁を作ったことがありません。早速コックルを取りに行かないと!!

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