Urban Hippie on TV!!


It was quite strange that I see my face on TV in Japan. It was filmed for 5 days in Sep and broadcast Mid Nov in some part of Japan. (Unfortunately it wasn’t nationwide) And I received DVD from Yomiuri TV then uploaded on Vimeo. Now everyone can watch it!! It isn’t subtitled in English but at least you can see how I produce Miso in a shipping container in Nelson.

The show called “Gutto Chikyu-bin” is basically filmed what I am doing in NZ and showing to my family. So the show connect me and my family. I have not been back to Japan for 8 years now and started Miso business 3 years ago that makes more difficult to go back. After I saw this show then finally got a air ticket to Japan.

It is great to see my mum and my younger sister on the show as well as some friends from Nelson.


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